Impeach already!

My weary 2-year old son after an Impeach Nixon march and rally in Washington, DC in 1974.

Impeach the corrupt, lying, criminal in the White House already! What the hell are you waiting for, Congress?

Oh, right, you’re all waiting for the unredacted Mueller report so you have “all the facts” before proceeding. A noble sentiment. Hollow words. There is ample evidence in the redacted version of the Mueller report. If not for a Nixon-era Department of Justice memo — a memo for crying out loud — that opined a sitting president cannot be indicted, Mueller himself would have likely pressed a charge of obstruction of justice. Instead, we have a Congress obstructing justice. Continue reading “Impeach already!”

The (Endless Screenings of) Sound of Music

I was recently searching through old movies to find something to stream online. I came across a listing for “The Sound of Music”. It evoked a very specific memory…
Photo Credit: Friends of the Westmont Theater, Inc.

Summer of 1965. I was 13 years old, feverish with the idea of being a teenager and all that I imagined that status would bestow on me.

I was a frequent visitor to my hometown movie theater, the Westmont Theater. I specialized in Saturday afternoon science fiction matinees, but at heart I was a generalist. Comedy, animated, horror. I went to a lot of movies. Continue reading “The (Endless Screenings of) Sound of Music”

Story time

The history of grassroots activism abounds with classic stories of struggle against all odds, and tales worthy of telling around a campfire. History is the important element.

My own campfire tales were told around a flickering TV monitor last night. Owing to my impending retirement, I felt free to invite myself to be the guest on the monthly TV program that I produce and host.

Elliot Margolies’ interview was a marvel.

My goal for this blog is to tell more of these stories. Old and new.