Story time

The history of grassroots activism abounds with classic stories of struggle against all odds, and tales worthy of telling around a campfire. History is the important element.

My own campfire tales were told around a flickering TV monitor last night. Owing to my impending retirement, I felt free to invite myself to be the guest on the monthly TV program that I produce and host.

Elliot Margolies’ interview was a marvel.

My goal for this blog is to tell more of these stories. Old and new.

One thought on “Story time

  1. Steffy Reader

    Getting incarcerated by the Collingswood police at age 16 for the crime of Making an Unduly Loud Noise on the Sabbath (a/k/a outside Collingswood as rally organizing) does seem appropriate. Your subsequent criminal career would not surprise them. This blog is just the most recent example.

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