Video: Even the crashed economy is rigged

My first crack at hosting a webinar is now online. Another lively conversation with Dr. Jack Rasmus about the pandemic economy — or what’s left of it. We need a major stimulus bill aimed at creating jobs, green jobs. We’re not getting that. We are getting more talk about tax cuts for the rich. It’s sick.

Here are the details for our first Other Voices TV Online …

A conversation with JACK RASMUS
Ph.D. Political Economy / Author of “The Scourge of Neoliberalism” & others

Hosted by PAUL GEORGE Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Dir. Emer.


Recorded Live on Zoom 5/26/20

The economic crash brought on by the pandemic has laid bare the harsh reality of the deep, structural inequality inherent in our now-cratered economy. As the country struggles to recover, an opportunity presents itself to rewrite the rules for a new, equitable system. How will we do that? More importantly, what should the rules be? Meanwhile, millions are hurting right now. What can and should be done to respond to this emergency?

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