Paul speaking at an antiwar rally in 2007.  Photo courtesy of P H Yang Photography | phyang.org

Welcome to dissentment.  My name is Paul George.  I have been a grassroots activist — for peace,  justice, human rights — since I was 16 years old.  That would have been in 1968.  (You do the rest of the math so I won’t have to update this page every year.)

Grassroots organizing had been my sole livelihood since 1989. I just retired in April 2019 after 30 years as the director of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center in Palo Alto, CA. But activism isn’t really how I made a living. It’s how I live.

In the course of my work at PPJC, I did a lot of writing and public speaking — and those were always my favorite parts of the work.  But there were limitations to those pursuits, since I was frequently representing the organization, not myself. So I started this blog as a personal outlet. I never did much with it — always too busy with the job. But now that I’m retired, I intend to be prolific.

In addition to commentary and analysis of current political topics, I have a lot of cool stories from my long activist past. And I like telling stories. So much of this blog will be in the form of memoir.

Other hopes for this blog are that people will like it, be moved by it, maybe even change their opinions about something because of it.

Feel free to drop me a note.

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