Hey, this is our war. How dare you shoot back!

“When Saudi Arabia launched its bloody war in 2014, did they and their US allies not consider the possibility that Yemen might actually shoot back? I would think that is something that might be expected in a war.”

The barbaric Saudi regime and their bosom buddy allies in the corrupt Trump administration are outraged — outraged, I tell you! — that forces aligned with the Yemen insurgency actually caused some significant damage with the recent attack on a Saudi oilfield.

Apparently the message behind the outrage is something like, “We’ll do all the bombing around here, thank you very much.”

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How to Get Out of Afghanistan: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Mr. Art of the Deal called off so-called secret peace talks with the Taliban, then he fired his National Security Adviser over policy differences. Bolton obviously had a lot of policy differences with Mr. AotD, but the timing tells me that proposed troop withdrawals from Afghanistan marked a turning point and it was bye bye Bolton.

Most reporting on the aborted peace talks has remarked on the fact that three presidents have now struggled with finding a way out of Afghanistan. And the answer seems to be as elusive as ever.

I have a surefire way of getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

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Revisiting where my activism began, and finding a history lesson

Recently, during a brief visit to my hometown — Westmont, NJ — I checked out the site of the old local office of the McCarthy for President campaign. I volunteered for this campaign in 1968 at the age of 16. It was where I got started in activism.

Although the stop by the old campaign office was short, time enough only for a couple of photos, I’ve been thinking about the 1968 campaign itself. Not the small town New Jersey campaign, which was a great experience, but the bigger picture. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it may hold a lesson for us in this presidential campaign season.

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Emperor Donald: Hereby Ordered

“Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China … Also, I am ordering all carriers, including Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office …” Tweet-Decree from Emperor Donald, August 23, 2019

Here’s an idea. Let’s declare Donald Trump Emperor of the United States, his august personage to be known forthwith as Donald I. There’s precedent for this.

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It’s Trump vs Obama. And Obama’s Winning. (And so is CA!)

Of all the manifestations of the Madness of King Donald, perhaps the most obvious one is his continuing obsession with his predecessor, Barack Obama. And, as in the past, his fevered, imaginary competition with America’s first African American president finds King Donald coming up short.

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