Save the Post Office, get a postcard. From me!

To celebrate May Day this year, I am hereby launching Operation Postcard, a project with the three-in-one goals of helping to save the Post Office, sending a message of support to postal workers, and engaging in a bit of human outreach in this time of sheltering in place.

Here’s the deal: I’ll send you a postcard featuring one of my photographs and a hand-written note. In return, you promise to contact your US Senators and urge them to bail out and save the US Postal Service. Obviously, this will be on the honor system, but I trust you. For now, all you need to do is send me your snail mail address. You can message me on Facebook or email me at (Offer valid only while supplies or my postage budget last.)

I’ll get into the nuts and bolts of why we need to do this in a moment, but first let me point out a couple of hidden benefits to this offer beyond saving the post office. First, I consider myself a pretty good photographer, a lifelong hobbyist who has often been told that I have a “good eye”. So you’ll be getting a photograph that you’ll be proud to stick on your refrigerator door. That’s one thing. The other benefit is that the hand-written note from me will undoubtedly be a hot item for future Paul George memorabilia collectors. Your descendants will be forever grateful to you, I’m sure.

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Donald fears a WHO. Deflecting blame, yet again.

“Thousands of Americans would be alive today if President Trump had spent more time listening to the World Health Organization instead of trying to destroy it.”
Nicholas Kristof, Trump’s Deadly Search for a Scapegoat
NY Times 4/15/2020

In yet another pathetic effort to deflect blame from himself, the Mad Orange King has announced a suspension of US funding for the World Health Organization. In the midst of a global pandemic.

While the Mad Man-Child’s motive may be pathetic, the results will be tragically fatal. Congress must stop him. Now.

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Welcome to dissentment

If the word dissentment sounds a bit unfamiliar to you, that is because I made it up.

Dissentment is the state of being in perpetual and active opposition to the dominant paradigm, accepted wisdom, what have you. Dissentment is life lived in dissent.

I concocted the word because it did not already exist, and I needed a word just like it. I needed this word because I challenged myself to find one word to describe a major aspect of my life.

Adding the simple suffix -ment (from Latin via Middle English and French) flavors dissent with a certain sense of permanence, dissent as a state or a condition.

Dissentment, then, is the one-word description I was searching for.

Having found it, I wasn’t sure what next to do with the word, if anything. I came to the conclusion that it would make a terrific name for a blog.