How to Get Out of Afghanistan: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Mr. Art of the Deal called off so-called secret peace talks with the Taliban, then he fired his National Security Adviser over policy differences. Bolton obviously had a lot of policy differences with Mr. AotD, but the timing tells me that proposed troop withdrawals from Afghanistan marked a turning point and it was bye bye Bolton.

Most reporting on the aborted peace talks has remarked on the fact that three presidents have now struggled with finding a way out of Afghanistan. And the answer seems to be as elusive as ever.

I have a surefire way of getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

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Generals, prepare to wag the dog!

The Trump dis-administration today announced it was deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to patrol off the coast of Iran, supposedly in response to perceived Iranian threats to US assets in the region. National security wingnut John Bolton threatened to unleash “unrelenting force” against Iran if any US or allied forces in the region are attacked.

At first glance, it is a deeply disturbing escalation of the tensions between the two countries. Trump last year unilaterally withdrew the US from the nuclear agreement that Barack Obama had painstakingly negotiated with Iran over the course of several years. Nuclear proliferation analysts have described the agreement as the most significant nonproliferation deal in two decades, a major achievement of the Obama era. So of course Trump couldn’t let it stand. Continue reading “Generals, prepare to wag the dog!”