Hey, this is our war. How dare you shoot back!

“When Saudi Arabia launched its bloody war in 2014, did they and their US allies not consider the possibility that Yemen might actually shoot back? I would think that is something that might be expected in a war.”

The barbaric Saudi regime and their bosom buddy allies in the corrupt Trump administration are outraged — outraged, I tell you! — that forces aligned with the Yemen insurgency actually caused some significant damage with the recent attack on a Saudi oilfield.

Apparently the message behind the outrage is something like, “We’ll do all the bombing around here, thank you very much.”

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Granting a pardon for war crimes is a war crime

It is a measure of how deeply depraved the man in the Oval Office is that the question of granting pardons to people who have been convicted of or are about to go on trial for war crimes is even a question. That the issue arises during Memorial Day weekend, when we commemorate Americans who have died in combat, only serves to drive home the level of depravity. Continue reading “Granting a pardon for war crimes is a war crime”